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Networking Superstars and Tribe Syndication

Networking Superstars and Tribe Syndication

What is Networking Superstars and Tribe Syndication?    I woke up that morning to an email inviting me to click on a link and answer some questions…..this I did. Some of the actions I was unsure about.

I followed the instructions and found myself in a group called Networking Superstars. Networking I knew about, but a Superstar??? Na na na.

My curiousity got the better of me and I read as much information as I could but some things I still could not do.

I then got a message allocating me to a Map and a Team – Hmmm.

The instructions were to get acquainted for the Hangout next Tuesday.  Hangout? I thought I was too old to be hanging out – remembering the use of the word Hangout from my high school days.

Okay now, so not only am I trying to be a Networking Superstar, I will be hanging out and also on Google+.

Which one is Google+? My mentor said, since I had a Google account, I already had Google+.  She said “look at the top right hand side when you log into your Google mail.

This I did and there was a No. 2 flashing at me. That meant I had two invites on my google+. Click on it she said. I had two invitations waiting from  my team members.

Tuesday evening came, after a very busy day. Put the laptop on, signed into Google+.  I almost jumped out of my skin when I saw myself staring at me (I didn’t even realise the webcam was on) and saw that my Map team leader was already in the Hangout waiting. She then calmed my fears and told me what to do.  I had not even realised we would see each other.

We were four on the first team hang out – two of us in America, one in Japan and one in England. Technology has sure made the world smaller.

The team leader then asked if we knew what Tribe Syndication was?  No, I said.  Tribe Syndication helps create great alliances with other bloggers.

Tribe Syndication helps to improve SEO. Does SEO mean Senior Executive Officer? no Search Engine Optimization.This allows your blogs to rank higher in search engines due to the amount of traffic driven to the site by other bloggers.

Tribe Syndication Allows you to grow your buisness while helping others out.

Tribe Syndication allows friendships to be made and could result in new business contacts being formed.

Tribe Syndication brings together the Gurus in bloggers together with the babes in blogging and turns them all into Network Superstars.

Shhhhh…..Mums’s having a Hangout, the kids whispered to one another.


Networking Superstars rocks. Tribe Syndication rocks even better.

We read, comment and share each other’s blogs.

We get to know more people

We get more traffic to our individual sites.

We make new friends

We share different ideas.

I think,

We are one big family

Adding value to each other’s lives.



Teams are great. Click here to join a great team



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