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Merging The Spiritual With The Secular

Merging The Spiritual With The Secular

Is it possible to merge the spiritual with the secular? I will try to answer that question in this article and invite you to programme that can answer your questions.

The Spiritual for me is having a relationship with God and using the word of God in the bible to support what I do. The secular for me is living my life in a way that is pleasing to God. That means that the person you see on the outside if the same person when you are not there. I live my life as I know that God, not  my Pastor or Priest, is watching me 24/7.

Shaddaiville Ministries

I have been blesed to be part of a ministry – Shaddaiville Ministries that allowed me to excel and exchange mediocrity for excellence – I am still a work in progress. Shaddaiville Ministries is a ministry without walls –  foundation is based on Matthew 28:19 – discipling the nations with God in the house.

The Leadership Academy

I was a student at the Shaddaiville Leadership Academy in 2009 the pioneer class of the course in UK. I was priviledged to be the Class President. I attended the course as an online student and in my class we had lay ministers like myself, Evangelists and Head of Churches. We  had a vast wealth of experience to draw from. I am now privileged to be the UK Administrator and a Trainer in the Ministry.

What the Shaddaiville Leadership taught us and still teaches us is  how to live our spiritual life on par with our secular lives. What you see is what you get. The course taught us to exchange mediocrity for excellence. Our modules included Becoming outstanding – both in your secular and your spiritual life. We were taught to study to show ourselves approved of the Lord 2Tim2:15. Daniel and his peers were used as role models. Other modules included Branding yourself, Public speaking, Business not Busyness.

The Leadership Academy is now in its 4th year in the Uk and in its 5th year in Nigeria.

The Business Brunch

In February this year, the President with God’s leading introduced a Business Brunch. Here we are fed with the Biblical principles of living. We are exposed to word based solutions to life’s issues. We apply Christian principles to business. This has been a great opportunity to merge the spiritual with the secular.

The goal is to alleviate poverty in the lives of Christians living  in diaspora.  You are taught to merge the spiritual with the secular. Shaddaiville Ministries is a place where you stand to enjoy God’s hands upon your relationship, home and business; Christ’s infinite wisdom as the Wonderful Counsellor through good quality mentorship from seasoned ministers and experienced professionals.

At the brunch members and guests are encouraged to merge the spiritual with the secular by showcasing their business, services and products.  We have exhibition stands available at no cost.

We have guest speakers who are professionals  e.g. Medical doctors, lawyers, business men and women, Network marketers, Insurance consultants come to discuss life changing issues with the house.

We meet every first Saturday of the month in Hackney area in the East end of  London at St Peter’s Chruch Hall, Warner Place, Bethnal Green London, E2 7DB. Time 12 noon to 2pm. Testimonies follow Shaddaivillers.

Relationships, Business and promoting your business using Social network sites

In August 2012 we will be merging the Spiritual with the secular in the world of business.

We have the President of the ministry, Evangelist Kunle Hamilton, fondly called KH or DaddyKH by Shaddaivillers teahing the house on Relationships. On the Secular that day we have Marketeprenuer Elizabeth Horlemman joining us from Germany and she will be teaching on Using the Social Media to promote your business. Elizabeth is the training Guru on Social networking in business and KH is the Christian leader who has great skills in using technology in teaching and promoting God’s kingdom. I have been blessed to be mentored by these two people and I know what I am talking about.

The two of them in the house means your spiritual and secular life will never be the same again.

Join us at Shaddaiville Ministries Business Brunch

Date: Saturday 4th August 2012

Time: 12 noon

Venue: St Peter’s Church Hall, Warner Place, off  Hackney Road, London E2 7DB

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